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11 Guava Benefits For Health and Beauty

The most important benefits of guava is from its vitamin C content. Guava is a common fruit found in Asia. Shaped round with white or red fruit flesh and there are many small seeds in the flesh. Many good nutrients are contained in guava. Vitamin C contained in a guava weighing 275 g, can meet the needs of vitamin C two children at the age of 13-20 years.

The amount of other important substances in smaller quantities in the guava can be mentioned:

• Pantothenic acid
• Niacin
• Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
• Vitamin E and K
• Mineral magnesium
• Copper
• Manganese
• Inculcates superoxide enzyme dismutase.

The Benefits Of Guava For Health

The content of guava on top, provides the benefits of guava is very good for health as follows:

1. Reduce Hypertension
The guava benefits prevent from thickening the blood, thus maintaining blood fluidity and reducing blood pressure. Guava also helps reduce blood cholesterol Research has shown that less fiber foods (such as fine flour) increase blood pressure, due to the rapid conversion to sugar. Guava is very rich in fiber and hypoglycemic so effectively helps lower blood pressure and trigger better heart work that prevents the onset of symptoms of heart disease.

2. Overcoming Diabetes
On the benefits associated with blood pressure mentioned above, guava intake can also help diabetic patients, such as the benefits of noni fruit. The high content of fiber in guava helps regulate the absorption of sugar by the body, which allows to lower insulin and glucose in the body. Studies have shown that consuming guava can help prevent the emergence of type-2 diabetes.

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3. Healthy Thyroid
Guava is a good source as a source of copper, which is an important substance to regulate thyroid metabolism, which helps to control the production of hormones and absorption. The thyroid gland is one of the most important glands in the body to regulate hormones and organ system functions, so guava can help balance the health of body functions.

4. Optimizing Vision
Guava is an excellent source of vitamin A as found in the benefits of carrots. Guava is known as a health booster for vision. This can help slow the appearance of cataracts, macular degeneration, and general health in eyesight. Not only prevents vision degradation, but maintains eyesight in times of decreased eye strength.

5. Treating Constipation
Guava is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber in terms of fruit. parts of the seed, if swallowed whole or chewed, serves as a laxative. Second, the guava nature, helps the formation of healthy bowel movement and helps the body in maintaining water, and completely clean the intestines.
It is said that constipation can cause 72 types of diseases, so relief with constipation would be beneficial. Total health can not be denied, which is influenced by digestion. Frequent guava consumption can ensure digestive health, such as those in the benefits of papaya.

6. Overcoming Diarrhea
Compound astringents on guava, makes protection against diarrhea. Healing dysentery by inhibiting microbial growth and eliminating extra mucus in the intestine is performed by astringents as disenfektan and alkaline anti-bacterial. In addition, other nutrients in guava such as vitamin-C, carotenoids and potassium, strengthen the digestive system as well as disinfectants. Guava is also useful in treating gastroenteritis for the same reasons stated above.

7. As a medicine for fever and cough
Vitamin C rich in guava contained, effective to prevent cold and viral infections. Guava juice and boiled leaves provide benefits to reduce mucus when coughing. As a throat disinfectant that blocks microbes in the respiratory tract and lungs.

Benefits Of Guava For Skin Care

Not only rose to keep the body healthy, but guava is rich in astringents substances that avoid skin problems. Guava fruit that has been cooked, has more astringents substances, including the leaves. To get this benefit, cukuo by eating the fruit directly or by boiling the fruit and leaves first.
Guava will tighten the sagging skin area. In addition to astringents, guava is very rich in vitamins A, B, C and potassium which are good antioxidants for saturation. Keep skin radiant and free from signs of premature aging, wrinkling and other skin disorders.

Benefits of Guava as a Diet Menu

Consuming guava for lunch as a diet, able to withstand hunger until the night. This is because guava contains rich fiber, so binding food in the stomach. Protein, vitamins and minerals in the guava make the stomach full faster without cholesterol and carbohydrates. But it is a wealth of nutrients absorbed by the body, maintaining a metabolism that actually raises the weight.

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