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Duration of Perfect Cooked Egg Cooking

Delicate egg yolks and egg whites are chewy but easily crushed together in one bite, simple, really tempting. Yes, boiled eggs. This snack is a favorite of many people because it is filling and also healthy.

Getting a perfect boiled egg with soft yolk is not an easy thing. There are certain techniques that must be done to cook eggs perfectly.

The perfect boiled egg does not have a gray circle around its egg yolk. The egg yolk texture was soft with a creamy flavor.

To get the perfect egg stew, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Reporting from The Kitchn, here's how to boil eggs perfectly.

1. Put the egg into a pot of cold water.

2. Let it boil. Arrange large flames for the pot to get high heat and boiling water quickly.

3. Turn off the fire and cover the pan. Once the water boils, remove the pan from the stove and cover the pan. Do not leave the pot for too long on the stove to keep the eggs from overcooking.

4. Set the desired maturity level by setting the timer. Leave the egg in the pot closed for the right time. How long? Depending on whether you want a perfectly cooked or perfectly cooked egg. Here is the duration of keeping the eggs in hot water:

- For half-cooked eggs that are still watery (almost white set): 3 minutes.
- For half-cooked eggs that are still slightly watery: 4 minutes
- For the half-cooked eggs are yellow still soft: 6 minutes
- For the egg yolk soft and creamy: 10 minutes
- For boiled eggs cooked: 15 minutes

5. Press the soft-cooked eggs. After the desired egg is ready, remove the egg from the pan by using a spoon or any tool. Press the top of the egg to break the shell.

6. Place the egg in a bowl filled with ice water. Put the egg into a bowl and let stand for at least 1 minute.

7. Peel and eat!

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