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4 Good Foods Avoid When Breaking Fast

High Sugar Foods

Breaking the fast should be with the sweet. But, note also the level of sugar in it, you know. This food can make sugar levels in the body increased dramatically, which then disrupt the body's metabolism. Instead, the consumption of foods containing natural sugar, such as dates to keep blood sugar levels remain stable.

Oily and Fatty Foods

Frying may be one of the must-do iftar meal in the house. But, should avoid consumption when breaking the fast because these greasy and fatty foods can aggravate the work of the digestive organs. The heavy performance finally makes you tired and sleepy after fasting, you know.

Processed Food

This type of food is practical and quickly served, so it is suitable to accompany the time to break those who have busy density. Unfortunately, these foods do not have the nutrients the body needs, you know. Whereas when breaking the fast the body needs proper nutrition to restore the body's energy to get back on the move. Processed foods are also prone to contain preservatives that can interfere with health.

Foods High Salt

High salt foods should also be avoided when breaking the fast, because it can cause health problems. This type of food can absorb water in the body, thus triggering dehydration. In fact, water is essential to replace lost body fluids during fasting.

Avoid the above four types of food and prepare a menu iftar proper to maintain family health during the fast. Various special recipes #JikmatnyaKebaikan Buavita Mango during Ramadan can be the idea of ​​a healthy fasting menu, you know. Like for example Mangochiato or Mango Buzz whose freshness not only can get rid of thirst when breaking fast, but also good for maintaining body health during fasting. Not only that, fresh recipe creations from Buavita other also you can access by click here, you know.

Take advantage of the goodness of Buavita Mango that has #JikmatnyaKebaikan Ramadan through various special content in it. Buavita Mango contains three essential vitamins that the body needs during fasting, namely Vitamins A, B1, and C.

Vitamin A plays a role to maintain eye health. Meanwhile, Vitamin B1 can restore the lost energy in the body before a big meal. This substance is also important so that you and your family do not feel weak when the stomach already feels full. The last is the intake of Vitamin C which is important to improve body immunity so that beloved family is not easy to get sick during fasting.

Let's prepare the best break-fast menu to accompany Ramadan beloved family!

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