Jumat, 08 September 2017

20 Benefits of Reading the Quran Every Extraordinary Day

Here is a piece of the benefits of studying, reading and practicing the Qur'an, including:

1. From every verse of the Qur'an that read contains 10 good in it

2. The Qur'an as a guide for human life to lead to the path of goodness, truth and salvation

3. The Quran as a heart-hearted for anyone who reads it

4. Al Quran is self-motivating and encouraging

5. The Qur'an as a great warning and rebuke of human nature and behavior

6. The Qur'an as a fusion of all emotions and anger that is able to reconcile and give serenity that can not be described or described as happened to Sayyid Qutb Rahimakumullah

7. Al Quran as a means of self communication with Allah SWT

8. Al Quran as a reminder of the greatness of Allah SWT

9. In a promise, Allah Almighty promises to give all needs and sufficient all human life in the world and in the Hereafter and elevate the human level even in the living world full of all deficiencies

10. The Qur'an will be a personal protector for anyone who reads it from every verse it reads

11. The Quran for anyone who understands and practices it in everyday life will increase the knowledge

12. Anyone who learns and understands the Quran is like exploring the vastness of the ocean of life and enjoying the grace of life it feels and taking away all the wisdom and benefits of the Qur'an

13. A person who diligently reads the Qur'an has a cool soul, filled with patience, a clear heart, a spacious mind and mind, and a radiant face

14. Make a creative, motivated and innovative

15. Make people closer to the Creator of the World with all its contents

16. Make a person grateful with all His blessings

17. Avoid all anxieties, worries, pessimism, sadness, always full of hope and excitement

18. Always get the path of ease, kindness and guidance and remind yourself of things that are forbidden

19. For someone who read and practice it, always in every step always protected by Allah SWT

20. As a fuser of sin, which reminds man of sins and prevents himself back in sin

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