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This is the Meaning Behind the Motives "Pinto Aceh"

JEWELRY is a traditional Aceh patterned leontin called Pinto Aceh (Pintu Aceh). This motif is only one of hundreds of traditional jewelry motifs of Aceh. Now this motive other than there are still handmade gold craftsman, there is also mass production, and many sold as souvenirs that many devotees.

Souvenirs of these brooches range from men and women, of course imitation. Usually "pinto Aceh" is not only in leontin but also there are dresses, knick-knacks, and that smells typical of Aceh.

Since the first motif inipun already famous. Since childhood there are quite a lot of mothers in Aceh who use this Pintu Aceh motif as a pendant. Many were amazed by the carvings, full of complicated dives. At a glance, the story of this motif comes from the door of the traditional house of Aceh.
Not enough information just that. From googling results found the following facts.

This motif was created in 1935 by Mahmud Ibrahim, gold craftsman from Blang Oi. Because of his expertise in making jewelry he called people with Utoh Mud. Utoh Mud obtained an official certificate of his skills from the Dutch government in Kutaraja (Banda Aceh) in 1926. At that time he only made one type of jewelry with Pinto Aceh motif, namely brooch. Now there is a ring, leontin and bun with variations of this Pinto Aceh motif.

Pinto Aceh is slim with bars decorated with a flower motif plus a complement with tassels along both sides. Pinto Aceh design is obtained from the monument of the young Sultan Iskandar relic named Pinto Khob. The monument is now in the vicinity of the recreation park, located on the river (krueng) Daroy, supposedly used as the back door of the palace of the Special Palace of Aceh for the entry of the empress Sultan Iskandarmuda and his ladies if the empress headed to the river bank to bathe. Now the park is named Tanian Putroe Phang (Taman Putri Pahang), the name of the empress, from the design of the small gate of Door Khob that is taken motif for jewelry called Pinto Aceh.

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