Sabtu, 09 September 2017

How to Bring a Delicious Aceh Coffee

How is Aceh's famous coffee event in the world going to be its delicacy to be a truly delicious drink? You can do it easily.

I will give you tips on making Aceh coffee traditionally delicious. I write this because: the absence of coffee making machine, the tongue of Indonesian people is easier with coffee steeping, easy way, practical and cheap. Wokeh go straight to the way to make coffee.

First, the choice of coffee powder

You are free to choose the type of Robusta coffee or Arabica, it's up to, adjust to your taste. The coffee powder I like is a fine coffee powder. When brewed, no more floating dregs on the surface of the air.

Second, the temperature of hot air

The ideal hot air temperature to brew coffee between 90˚C - 95˚C.

To find out whether the temperature is ideal or not, you can use a thermometer. Or you can use this way, silence the boiling air for about 1-2 minutes, with it will get the ideal temperature.

Third, Mixing coffee and sugar powder

For delicious coffee coffee, print coffee powder mixed with sugar before being brewed with hot air. The usual way, with a dose of 1 tablespoon of coffee mixed with 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of sugar, and this applies to its multiple. Mix coffee and sugar powder evenly!

For more delicious coffee again, you can use a way to mix hot water with sugar into a glass, then pour the water containing sugar into a glass that contains coffee powder.

Now, one cup of deliciously homemade coffee is ready. If you want more delicious, ready-made coffee, you can cook again, with a note, do not let the water to boil, enough to remove the foam.

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