Sabtu, 09 September 2017

How to eat meatballs that are safe and stay healthy:

• Eating meatballs is not prohibited as long as the meatballs consumed are made from clean basic foodstuffs and without the addition of substance or formalin substance.

• To maintain the nutritional quality of meatballs should consume meatballs with the use of flavor or MSG reasonably.

• Substitute vinegar with kawak acid or lemon juice and lemon which proved better because it contains vitamin C and anti-inflammatory substances in it.

• Use self-made chili sauce from other chili and other hygienic seasonings instead of having to be preyed by others we do not know how they make it or use sambal sauce from a licensable license.

• Can mix meatballs with eggs or meat and some green vegetables to multiply the nutrients when meatballs are consumed.

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