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10 Dangers To Eat Meatballs Too Frequent For Health

This is the danger of eating meatballs too often

1. Causes hypertension

The use of flavoring agents such as vetchin or MSG that is too excessive in meatballs can increase blood pressure levels that are preceded by headache and nausea stomach nausea.

2. Causes a disorder of the brain's nervous system

Consuming meatballs with the use of materials or formalin borax in it can cause mental retardation or damage to the brain's nervous system in children related to thinking power and motor skills of children.

3. Risk of miscarriage

Young pregnant women who like or often eat meatballs may be at risk of miscarriage. meatballs that didalmnya added vinegar, flavoring and contain borax can damage the fetus's new organs will form and thwart the growth of the fetus that will arise the fetal destruction.

4. Stomach acid rises

Use of excessive vinegar in addition to can damage tooth enamel was able to increase stomach acid and cause abdominal pain, nausea and nausea discomfort in the area of ​​the pit of the heart of the insect.

5. Causes diarrhea

The use of borax and formalin in the manufacture of meatballs can cause the gastrointestinal wall to experience irritation and inflammation that mengibtakan abdominal pain and diarrhea. abdominal tissue loses its ability to control fluid in the body, so that when faeces defecate can not be crystallized in the sewer.

6. Causes intestinal disorders

Excessive use of excess material in the meatball can irritate the intestinal wall and create a banana inside, this condition can lead to decreased bowel performance. disturbed bowel can cause a person difficulty sleeping at night because part of the intestine is injured and twisted through the night. it indicates that the intestine has borax poisoning that must be treated immediately.

7. Causes skin allergies

There are some people who have allergies to preservatives such as borax or formalin that arise patches of red spots on the surface of the skin and itchy, if carded then the skin will experience swelling, why people can be allergic to preservatives in meatballs? sensitive body in foreign body that enter into body tissues will refuse and respond in the form of allergic emergence, condition can happen to people who are allergic to the use of flavoring in meatballs.

8. Cause canker sores

The use of excessive and long-term flavor enhancers may irritate or inner cavity. flavoring has a grinding and sharp properties that if it has injured the oral cavity will cause a person difficulty eating.

9. Causes heart disease

Meatballs that contain borax and formalin can cause the reconciliation of the blood to the heart and block the flow of blood around the heart that can cause the performance of the heart is reduced.

10. Causes cancer

Consuming meatballs using an extra substance or formalin every day can cause cell damage in the DNA gradually, which can trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body. borax and formalin are not used to enter the human body because it can damage the body's cell cells and stop the body's cell activity.

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