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Beware to Eat Meatballs

The danger of eating meatballs too often is a bad habit as well as lifestyle of Indonesian society that is used as an alternative to hunger stomach.

Bad habits of eating meatballs in the long run is a lifestyle of Indonesian people who have passed generations to make meatballs as a distraction when relaxed, where the activity can be seen in various food stalls and in various occasions. Meatball is a populist food that has a delicious flavor, Meatballs also have a friendly price in the bag and favored children and adults.

Various kinds of basic ingredients for making meatballs:

• Fish that guide protein, Omega 3 and 9
• Eggs that contain protein, calcium, iron
• Meat as a source of vitamins, minerals and iron
• Wheat containing carbohydrates

Meatball food is also equipped with high-quality spices, such as:

• Contains anti-cancer and natural antibiotics such as garlic
• Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E and K for example on celery leaves
• Contain potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron

Watch the preservatives on the meatballs

Meatballs are made using a mixture of borax and formaldehyde, if consumed in the long run and every day it can cause a decline in the quality of flavor, aroma and nutritional content that exist in the meatball itself. But meatballs are made without the use of additional substance and formalin does not mean it can be consumed every day, This is related to the existence of other ingredients that may cause other health complaints such as the use of vetchin or MSG (mononatrium glutamate) that need to also watch out for.

The dangers behind the enjoyment of meatballs

Please note that the present day Meatballs is one example of foods containing formalin, the purpose of giving formalin meatballs are not easily stale then many meatballs traders who use rogue nakal longer durable to be traded again.

Common symptoms experienced by a person for eating too often meatballs:

• Loss of appetite (rice)
• Suffering from malnutrition
• Addictions to the flavors of meatballs

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