Jumat, 08 September 2017

The Discoverer of WhatsApp is a Sweeper

Jan Koum was founded in Feb 2009

When 1992, 16-year-old Jan Koum arrived in Mountain View, USA. Accompanied by his mother, Koum is an immigrant who decided to migrate from Kiev, Ukraine, with the dream of achieving a better life.

In the US, they have a tough time. Koum's family lives in a small, two-bedroom apartment with the help of the government. They are forced to rely on social security and queue for food stamps for lack of money.

Koum also works as a sweeper in a shop to make ends meet, while his mother takes on a new profession as a baby sitter.

Koum's father did not migrate. The man who works in the construction sector is choosing to live in Ukraine. Once separated, Koum confessed can not often contact the father because of the high cost of the phone. "If only then when I was able to send an instant message to my father ..." said Koum wondering in an interview with Wired.

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