Jumat, 08 September 2017

Mix and Match Fruit and Tea Juice to Break Fasting Without Feeling Sin

Although drinking juice, but long saturation is there when the juice is always the same drink. This is where the variation of juice is finally needed. It remembers not only one fruit that has a myriad of benefits. However, other fruits are different flavors and colors, also contains benefits that are not less big.

In addition, this fruit juice combination can be added with a variety of ingredients, such as tea. In addition to making it taste more delicious, can also be an alternative variant of the juice that is not the same every day. Well, one type of fruit that can be combined with tea is citrus fruit.

The freshness of orange juice combined with the soothing fragrance of tea makes breaking the fast more special. As is known, citrus fruit is the best source of vitamin C. Similarly with Buavita Orange is rich in abundant vitamin C content. This nutrient is useful to support the body's immunity so as not easily attacked by disease.

Meanwhile, Tea contains theanin, a natural substance that can give the effect of freshness and serenity after drinking it. Not only that, more importantly, tea leaves, especially green tea, contain polyphenols. This substance has a variety of benefits, one of which can increase endurance.

Mix and match this delicious orange and tea juice can be obtained from Fruity Thyme Tea recipe. This drink recipe is not difficult to make, so anyone can try it as an iftar meal without feeling sin. First prepare fresh 3-stalk thyme leaves, 1 slice of lemon and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Prepare also 250ml Buavita Orange, 500ml lipton tea, ice cubes and honey as a sweetener to taste. After all the ingredients are collected, mix them together. Stir well. Pour the drink into a glass, and serve cold. Prepare at the table while waiting for the azan magrib reverberate. Mix and match fruit juice and tea was ready to accompany iftar without feeling sin this time.

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